CSF Setup (ConfigServer Security & Firewall)

In this article, we will see you step by step how to install the CSF institution, that is, ConfigServer Securty & Firewall, which is an indispensable add-on / firewall for web servers. As you know, the internet is becoming more common and increasing in cyber attacks day by day. In order to protect our web servers from these attacks, we need a free software firewall CSF application. This application is very comprehensive and includes many features from ddos ​​attacks to port control.

I will describe the ConfigServer Securty & Firewall software as the most used and management screen cpanel plugin installation. In order to install CSF, we first need b, r cpanel web server and access information with root rights to connect to this server. As XSunucu, we make the installation and settings of this software free of charge, but customers of different companies or those who want to install them must do what is explained in our article. Let's move on to the CSF Setup process without further ado.

How to Install CSF (ConfigServer Securty & Firewall)!

1 - First of all, we make an ssh connection to our server as root.

2 - Since the file we will install will be garbage, we first go to the TMP folder.

cd / tmp

3 - We pull the CSF setup file to our server.

wget http://www.configserver.com/free/csf.tgz

4 - Since our downloaded "csf.tgz" file is compressed, we extract it to the folder first.

tar -xzf csf.tgz

5 - After the process, our installation files are output to a folder named "csf", we enter this folder.

cd csf

6 - We run the "install.sh" file in the folder and the installation process starts.

sh install.sh

7 - The installation process will be completed without waiting for any commands from you. When it is completed, we return to the main folder, TMP folder, and delete the "csf.tgz" setup file we downloaded and the "csf" folder we opened. The purpose of doing this is to keep the TMP folder as garbage and not to occupy our temp folder unnecessarily.

cd ..
rm -Rfv csf / csf.tgz

That's it. Now our CSF firewall plugin for cpanel has been installed. You can run CSF Firewall software by configuring it according to your needs through the Plugins section of your WHM panel. If you have BDF or APF style iptables-based firewall software installed before installing CSF on your server, you must first remove these software. You can uninstall these software with the command below.

sh /usr/local/csf/bin/remove_apf_bfd.sh

CSF is completely free software and if you experience dissatisfaction after use or need to remove it for some reason, follow the steps below.

1 - First, we go to the "/ etc / csf" directory where our files are installed.

cd / etc / csf

2 - We wait for the software to be completed by running the "uninstall.sh" file, which is our uninstall file.

sh uninstall.sh

This is how you can install and uninstall the CSF Setup, the full name ConfigServer Securty & Firewall. Of course, you do not have to use this software only on servers with cpanel. You can use it on all Linux webserver servers. However, to use it without cpanel, you need to operate with commands via SSH. You can find these commands in detail in our CSF Commands article. If you have a problem or need assistance, you can send us a ticket, get help from our live support line or leave a comment on this article.

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